Homework 1 - Due Date: February 25, 2014 before class! (Blackboard, due time: 11:00 a.m.)

Please submit your homework through Blackboard  using YourSurnameName_YourNumber_HW1.sldprt , YourSurnameName_YourNumber_HW1.slddrw, YourSurnameName_YourNumber_HW1.jpg, and YourSurnameName_YourNumber_HW1.doc file format! Do not forget to compress your files using a zip program.


EML 1533: Introduction to CAD for MEs


Use SolidWorks to create the solid model of a single part with a technical drawing. Submit both printed and electronic copies* on the due day. It has to include:

1. A cover page with the course name and number, and your name and student id number.

2. A simple description and a photograph of the part.

3. A printed screen-shoot of the part in isometric view.

4. A technical drawing with dimensions and tolerances.

 Evaluation standards:

1. Similarity of the model.

2. Complexity of the part.

3. A standard drawing including dimensions and tolerances.