Homework 2 - Due Date: April 1st, 2014 before class!

Please send your homework through Blackboard using YourSurnameName_YourNumber_HW2_PartName.sldprt, YourSurnameName_YourNumber_HW2_ParrtName.slddrw, YourSurnameName_YourNumber_HW2_PartName.sldasm, and YourSurnameName_YourNumber_HW2_PartName.jpg file format!


EML 1533: Introduction to CAD for MEs

Objective: Use Solid Works 2014 or earlier versions to design a product.


1. Two students as a team work together (listed on the website),

2. Each team select a product which includes at least four parts,

3. Create models and technical drawings for all the parts, at least two parts from each student,

4. Create an assembly and assembly drawings for the product.


A design document in both printed copy and electronic copy on the due day, which has to include:

1. A cover page with the information of course, your design and team members,

2. A simple description and photographs of the selected product or system,

3. A set of technical drawings,

4. Files: A Word document, part models, assemblies, drawings, and a picture of the assembly drawing.

Evaluation standards:


1. Similarity of the product or system,

2. Complexity of the product or system,

3. Correct models and drawings for each part,

4. Correct assembly and assembly drawings,

5. Standard dimensions and tolerances.


*A word document file, part models, assemblies and part drawing files have to be sent through Blackboard!